M2 Bespoke Content Creation

“Content creation” is on the lips of every marketer on the planet…

These days, content is a critical part of any good marketing strategy, and companies rely more and more on content to drive their online brand, social media and SEO campaigns.

But producing quality, engaging content that’s relevant for your audience is easier said than done. If your social media campaigns are going to have impact, you need something worthwhile to say on a regular basis.

Ensuring that content is used in harmony with the most current SEO techniques and isn’t being wasted, or even impacting negatively on your SEO is also an on-going challenge.

All of this has lead many brands to consider using the services of an external content creation agency.

Here at M2, our services are designed to minimise impact on your time and budget, without compromising the quality or value of your content. Our services support three key stages of the content production process: strategy, creation and management. We can work with you through the entire journey, or you can use us to support the efforts of your own team wherever we add the most value.

Great content can drive your online brand, social media and SEO activity, and M2 Bespoke combine all three services, understanding the relationship between them –

  1. How content can be used to drive SEO & social media campaigns
  2. How SEO data can feed and inform content strategy
  3. How social media can be used to distribute content, drive website traffic and engage with your target audience

Who are M2?

M2 Bespoke is part of M2 Communications, a global pioneer in online news and publishing. We’ve been supplying online news, digital content and copy writing services to some of the world’s leading brands and news services for 20 years.

Find out more about the M2 Bespoke team, our philosophy and what sets us apart.


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In a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment we provide creative, rich and engaging content which sits at the heart of and fuels your online activity


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Our transparent and honest approach combines best practice, innovative thinking and protection of your digital assets to enhance your organic visibility


An essential element in any online campaign; we interact, inform, influence and engage to raise your visibility, reinforce brand values and build your likeability


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If your market is B2B, LinkedIn has huge potential for raising your visibility & credibility, driving traffic to your website and interaction with potential customers



“When I retained M2 Bespoke for Mobile Doctors, Ben came on board and immediately he ensured his team interpreted a complex brief always executing stories which are on point to meet the requirements. It’s always a pleasure to work with a supplier who exceeds expectations when it comes to making certain that their clients’ satisfaction is their priority.”
Mobile Doctors
“We’ve been using the M2 Bespoke news service to feed our website blog along with Twitter and Linked-in on a daily basis. Having content that’s worthy of sharing delivered every day, makes the process quick and easy. Because of this our activity levels have increased, along with website traffic and Twitter followers.”
Sammy Mansourpour, The Agency Global
“M2 provided expert advice and insight, even before we started work, their research was pivotal to the success of the project. M2 drove our content marketing campaign, and hit all the right notes, their copy was delivered with just the right tone of voice. M2 Bespoke have delivered a more engaging, and considerably more successful campaign, than we could ever have managed without their expert help and support.”
Nick Stragnell, PaperlinX